Timer to Cutoff

Hello! I’m Khloe Beaird, Certified Integrative Health Coach and Meal Prep Mama, and I want to be on your nutrition team.

When I saw loved ones wanting to make healthy changes but struggling with the time to plan, grocery shop, cook and clean up for their families, I knew I wanted to do something to help. I also knew it had to be simple and delicious while being nutrition-packed. As a mom of three girls, a dog mom to Larry Bird and a wife to Anthony, life was busy and it was a service I needed as much as anyone. That is how Prep To Table was born and we’ve been preparing healthy, gluten-free, locally sourced and organic ingredient meals with low carb and dairy-free options ever since! 

For over ten years I struggled with severe digestive issues. I had debilitating symptoms that persisted, affecting my quality of life. After my dad and brother were both diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune condition prohibiting any consumption of gluten, I decided to take my health into my own hands and clean up my diet. I learned how to cook healthy, gluten-free meals, for myself and my family and reversed all of my symptoms. I then became a certified Integrative Health Coach, so I could help others do the same. While coaching my clients, I discovered the biggest barrier for people is time. I knew that if I could make the food for people, they could get well.

From Our Kitchen to Your Table

Our recipe is simple: 

  1. We do the meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, nutrition, cleaning and deliver it right to your door!
  2. You get healthy without the hassle.

We prepare ready-to-eat meals using gluten-free, organic, locally sourced, quality ingredients. After all, we know it has to not only be delicious but also nutritious. 

From our commercial kitchen to your family’s table, we sincerely hope you find flavorful nourishment, increased energy, health and more time for the things - and people - you love. After all, that’s what life’s all about! 

Khloe, Meal Prep Mama


  • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Monmouth College
  • Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Western Illinois University
  • Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition